Tuesday, October 5, 2010

**** River Guadalquivir is soooo sexy****

I would never think that i would find so much intrest in a stupid river, but I was blown away of how nice this river looks. Its the second largest river in Spain and is located in the ancient city of Tratossos.  This river is huge and has a really pretty bridge over it.  

It especially look pretty at night time bacause the lights on the bridge come on sending a reflection on the water. It is most deffinantly a site to see and i guarentee that you will not regret it one bit.

                                                                                            the book "Spain"

*****EL RICIO*****

I walk through the cities streets and realized how beautful it is. The city streets are clean and they have nice culture everywhere.
 Most of the locals rode horses everywhere they went such as church, dates and depending where they worked, to work. One local tried to teach me tho ride but I was too scared to even get on. I visited their beach and and watched the sunset almost every night of my visit and i truley believe that it was the most romantic thing I'v ever witnessed.
I would recomend this site to the people who be cuffin. Because this way you would win the way to your lovers heart. "wink wink"

                                                                                                   the book "Spain"

Im in Madrid

I visited the Royal Palace of Spain in Madrid and it was absolutely gorgeous. But if I thought the outside was beautiful then how would I describe the inside? It was 10 times better. The ceilings had paintings on them of angels kissing in the clouds and was held up with big poles, the walls themselves looked as if they were a part of a painting. Every room in the palace had its own unique style to it. There were some that was vibrant with bright colors. While others were plain but still beautiful. The furniture looked like somthing you would find in a magazine. They were in classic royalty colors,gold and burgandy.

 I most deffinantly would recommend the entire world to visit this site because its a once in a life time experience for most, and I guarentee that you yourself will feel like royalty just being in the presence of something so remarkable.

                                                                            Sources: the book "Spain"


  I decided to visit Pamplona so that I may be part of the festival of San Fermin. I was a little nervous about going because its the festival of bullfighting and im really scared of bulls and when I first seen the bull I was even more scared. It was funny and scarey to see the people getting runned over by the bulls.
 And as you can see in the picture, I have a really good reason to be scared. The bulls are very dangerous and really dont seem to care. But on the plus side the festivals are fun to watch and the food is great. The city of San Fermin is well how do you say it in spanish. Muy Linda. The festival last about 8 hetric days. Every festival day is begun with musicians playin their pipes and drums. When the parade started men carried a silver statue of San Fermin it was really exciting to see the bulls run around and chase people in red. I believe any and everyone will have a great time if they ever decide to visit Pamplona

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Monday, October 4, 2010

!!! VALENCIA !!!


I always heard of "Las Fallas de San Jose"aka the festival of the great fire, but i never knew what it really was until I visited the city of Valencia. The joyous festival lasted for a week between march 13th and the 19th. The festival was celebrating San Jose's, Saint Joseph's day on march 19th. What they do is, they light candels and place them on the top of tall buildingson wooded masts so that people far away could be able to see them.

I really enjoyed the experience of being able to witness the culture and beliefs of the spanish people and to see how they celebrated somthing special to them. I personally would never think that i would enjoy watching people burn things but surprisingly i will deffinatly come back to visit and i would recomend a friend to come along so that they could experience what i have.

                                                                                         Sources: www.urbevalencia.es

******Next stop, Seville******

I finally arrived in Seville and it is absolutly beautiful here. The city streets are decorated with bright lights and streemers all over. At first I thought they were celebrating the arrival of someone special but i soon came to realize that it was the first day of "Feria del Abril", or the April Fair. For six days straight I ate my belly full, played lots of spanish games and danced the malaguena. The festival was verry exciting. The music was live, the performers were very intertaining and to top it all off i met a little hunny out there.It was just a beautiful site. I would recommend anyone to visit Seville anytime especially around Feria del Abril.

                                                                                      Sources: http://www.trivago.es/

**** Barcelona****

In Barcelona, I visited "La Sagrada Familia" The church  of  the holy family.It is one of the most beautiful sites i'v ever been to. The church is one of the most famous buildings in Spain. I read in a travelers guide that the building was designed by architect Antoni Gaudi.The church had an ancient look to it.The inside was decorated with colorful stones and and candels lit all over the place. The outsie on the other hand looks like a castle. If I didn't know any better I would of thought that the top of the church reached the heavens. The church members were another story. They all greated me and treated me as their own and the music was so suiding and beautiful that it really brought tears in my eyes. I would recomend everyone to visit this site just because its a beautiful site to see and its best when you see it with your own eyes.

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